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"STREET SCENE," etching, 1931, ed. 75, 11 x 15.” Signed in pencil. SOLD. An unusual image for the artist. I can find no reference to this image anywhere. Tape stains margin edges, verso; repaired tear right margin, out of image area.

FELIX BUHOT (Fr. 1847-1898)

"WESTMINSTER PALACE," etching & drypoint, 1884, B/G155, 11 3/4 x 15 3/4.” Signed with red owl stamp. SOLD . Repaired tear upper center margin stopping at plate mark. Tiny pinhole in building. Large margins.

FRANK DUVENECK (Amer. 1848-1919)

"CANAL GRANDE, VENEZIA," etching, 1883, P19, ed. c. 100, 11 7/8 x 9 3/4.” Signed in pencil. SOLD.

STEFAN EGGELER (Aus. 1894-1969)

"MUSICAL MINIATURES," (MUSIKALISCHE MINIATUREN," suite of 6 etchings, 1921, ed. 250, 3 1/8 x 3” (7.9 x 7.6 cm). All signed in pencil and numbered in the plate.  $850.

I: “Pierrot’s Song of Love and Death" pictured here and the rest follow below. Another suite of these etchings was exhibited in Bones: Representing the Macbre, Trout Gallery, Dickinson College, March 5--April 18, 2015. 6 etchings alone without portfolio cover or introduction. Full sheets.

STEFAN EGGELER (Aus. 1894-1969)


STEFAN EGGELER (Aus. 1894-1969)


STEFAN EGGELER (Aus. 1894-1969)


STEFAN EGGELER (Aus. 1894-1969)


STEFAN EGGELER (Aus. 1894-1969)

"MUSICAL MINIATURES," (MUSIKALISCHE MINIATUREN," VI: “Death Game: Burning of the Witches.”

ERNEST FIENE (Amer. 1894-1965)

“EMPIRE STATE BUILDING,” lithograph, 1930, C61, ed. 1/50. 14 1/4 x 8 5/8.” Signed in pencil. SOLD. A great Precisionist image and arguably Fiene’s best print. Illustrated on the cover for the exhibition A Nation on the Move: Industrial Prints of America, Nassau County Museum of Art, 1988 and illustrated in Precisionism in America, 1915-1941: Reordering Reality, Harry N. Abrams, 1994. The artist did an oil self portrait of himself working on the lithographic stone of this print. The view for each was his studio window at Two E. 23d St., ten blocks south of the Empire State Building which was under construction at the time.

ISAAC FRIEDLANDER (Amer.1890-1968)

“BROOKLYN BRIDGE,” wood engraving, 1930, 14 1/8 x 5 7/8.” Signed in pencil. SOLD. Full margins. Glue stains upper margin edge and lower margin edge well out of image area.

FRANCES H. GEARHART (Amer. 1869-1958)

"AUSTERITY," color woodcut, 1936, 14 3/4 x 10 7/8.” Signed in pencil. SOLD. One of Gearhart’s finest and largest prints. A great impression with wonderful colors and original margins. Pictured on p. 103 in Behold the Day: The Color Block Prints of Frances Gearhart edited by Susan Futterman.

FRANCES H. GEARHART (Amer. 1869-1958)

JOSHUA TREE, color woodcut, c. 1920-30, ed. small, 6 3/8 x 4 3/8.” Signed in pencil. $1950.


F. CHILDE HASSAM (Amer. 1859-1935)

“SWIMMER, MORNING--FACING WATER,” etching, 1916, C73, ed. very small. 8 7/8 x 5 3/4.” Signed in pencil with the cypher. SOLD. A nice impression of this scarce image. Small repaired tear lower left margin edge out of image area.

ELLISON HOOVER (Amer. 1888-1955)

“MCSORLEY'S,” lithograph, c. 1930, ed. 60, 8 7/8 x 13 7/8.” Signed in pencil. $1750. Full margins. This image of the iconic NYC bar is rarely encountered.

ELLISON HOOVER (Amer. 1888-1955)

“WASHINGTON ARCH IN SNOW,” lithograph, c. 1930, LOC6 (Illustrated), ed. c. 40, 10 5/8 x 9.” Signed in pencil. SOLD.

ELLISON HOOVER (Amer. 1888-1955)

“THE PULITZER FOUNTAIN,” lithograph, c. 1930, ed. c. 40, 12 3/8 x 9 1/2.” Signed in pencil. $1650. The fountain is located at 59th St. and Fifth Ave. in NYC and was erected with $50,000 bequeathed by newspaper publisher Joseph Pulitzer on his death in 1911.

ROBERT KASIMIR (Aus. 1914-2002)

"NEW YORK CABLES" color etching & aquatint, c. 1949, K80, 15 7/8x 10 3/8.” Signed in pencil. SOLD.

BERTHA BOYNTON LUM (Amer. 1869-1954)

"INLAND SEA," color woodcut, 1922, ed. very small, 11 5/8 x 8 1/2.” Signed in pencil. $1250. Rare. Titled in lower margin. Not in Gravalos-Pulin catalog but in their addendum (#62bis) they list a print that is know from exhibitions or other records of the same size titled, alternately, “Junks, Trees and Mountains” and “Junks on Lake.”

BERTHA BOYNTON LUM (Amer. 1869-1954)

"MING HUANG AND YANG FEI" oil & pencil on board, c. 1924, 37 X 25.” Signed. $3500. Lum did a color woodblock print of this subject as well as a raised line woodcut. (See Mason catalog No. 80 for a photo of the color woodcut.)
Lum’s oil paintings are very rare.Thin black--original?--frame.

GUY MALET (Brit. 1900-1973)

“TERRACE GARDENS, RICHMOND," color linocut, c. 1928, ed. 15/50,*, 7 1/2 x 8 5/8.” Signed in pencil. $950. Malet was one of the most skilled printmakers to emerge from the Grosvenor School of Modern Art.
*A large number of the 50 proofs from this edition were destroyed by water and this print is now very rare. Titled in pencil by the artist “Terrace Cons. Richmond, Surrey.”

LEWIS OTT (Amer. 20th c.)

"TRIO" woodcut, 1962, ed. 100, 7 1/2 x 9.” Signed in pencil. $295. Lewis Ott was a Los Angeles artist who created Mid Century modernist prints. He worked with Viona Ann Kendall who experimented with and trained other artists in multiple printing methods in her studio. Although I am not positive, I believe that Ott had a long career as an animation artist in Hollywood with credits from 1964 to 1994.

GRAHAM DUDLEY PAGE (Brit. 1905-1948)

"MAXIME'S CHINESE CAFE, LONDON," wood engraving, ed. 25, 6 x 7 1/2.” Signed in pencil. $525.

GRAHAM DUDLEY PAGE (Brit. 1905-1948)

"SKYSIGNS, TRAFALGAR SQUARE, LONDON," wood engraving, 1934, ed. 50, 5 3/4 x 7 1/8.” Signed in pencil. $450. In original folder as issued.

GRAHAM DUDLEY PAGE (Brit. 1905-1948)

THE HORSESHOE" (Scene Outside of Bar), wood engraving, 7 1/2 x 6.” Signed in pencil. $525.

GRAHAM DUDLEY PAGE (Brit. 1905-1948)

[TRAFALGAR SQUARE, LONDON], wood engraving, 1934, ed. 25, 5 x 6 1/4.” Signed in pencil. SOLD.

MARGARET J. PATTERSON (Amer. 1867-1950)

"SUMMER CLOUDS," color woodcut, c. 1918, ed. 8/100*, 8 7/8 X 11 1/4.” Signed in pencil.SOLD. Arguably Patterson’s finest--and rarest--print (and, I think, her largest). Pictured in color in A Spectrum of Innovation p. 75. *Most of the artist's color woodblocks were planned as editions of 100 but it is widely believed that she didn't complete them. Lovely colors and impression!

MARGARET J. PATTERSON (Amer. 1867-1950)

"WINDBLOWN TREES," color woodcut, c. 1922, planned ed. 100, 7 1/8 x 10 1/4." Signed in pencil. $3950. Another impression of this print was exhibited at the Printmakers Society of California exhibit in 1922. Another impression of this print was pictured in Antiques Magazine, September 1996, p. 338 (“American Prints in the Arts & Crafts Tradition”). Trimmed and mounted by the artist as was common.

VOJTECH PREISSIG (Czech. 1873-1944)

"BOSTON, COPLEY SQUARE," drypoint & color etching with aquatint, 1924, 9 3/4 X 7 3/4.” Signed in pencil. $950. This print was likely created during his time at the Wentworth Institute. Pictured in Exhibition Guide to the work of Vojtech Preissig, National Gallery in Prague, p.42 and also exhibited at the Prague Castle Riding School, November 2004 through February 2005. Preissig did another, vertical, scene of Copley Square in 1924 (and also a view of Trinity Church). Preissig was an important artist, associated with Arthur Wesley Dow at Columbia in the 1910’s. He is also credited with introducing the linoleum block as a printing medium in the U.S. He created posters for the Wentworth Institute in Boston in the late teens and early 1920's. Stamped on reverse “Chas. L. Morgan, Acrhitectural Sketch Studio, 104 S. Michigan Ave., Chicago Il. and in pencil: Phillip Brooks Monument (which is the figure gesturing from the surround).Morgan was an architect and did etchings and drawings of architectural subjects and was associated with Frank Lloyd Wright (1890-1947)

JOHN CARTER SHYROCK (Amer. 1914-2007)

"THE MIGHTY ATOM?" lithograph, c. 1935, ed. small,12 1/8 X 7 1/4.” Signed in pencil. SOLD. In the mid-1930’s Shyrock studied at the Art Students League in New York City under Thomas Hart Benton, Yasuo Kuniyoshi, Harry Sternberg, George Grosz and Alexander Abels. His early prints and drawings often depict New York City. Slight soiling, verso. Estate stamped verso (as well as being signed in pencil by the artist).

T. FRANZ SIMON (Czech. 1877-1942)

"MARKETPLACE IN NICE," color softground & aquatint, 1912, B107, N186, ed. 100, 15 1/4 x 13 1/2.” Signed in pencil. SOLD.

T. FRANZ SIMON (Czech. 1877-1942)

"NEW YORK STOCK EXCHANGE," color softground & aquatint, 1927, N463, B251, ed. 150, 17 1/4 x 13 3/8.” Signed in pencil. SOLD. Of the edition, 125 were published by Kennedy & Co., New York. With original label from J. Assenheim & Son, NYC (giving edition size as 100).

T. FRANZ SIMON (Czech. 1877-1942)

"UNDER THE BROOKLYN BRIDGE," color softground & aquatint, c. 1927, N-AP2; B252, ed. 150 to 250?, 12 5/8 x 16 3/8.” Signed in pencil. SOLD. With original label from Kennedy & Co. New York (giving title as “Manhattan Bridge.”). Some chips and minor stain in (broad) margin edges.

CHARLES TURZAK (Amer. 1899-1985)

"CHICAGO WATER TOWER," woodcut, c. 1930, 10 x 6 3/4.”  Signed in pencil. $850. Tape stains margin edges.

ARNOLD WILTZ (Amer. 1889-1937)

"MASONRY VERSUS SKY," wood engraving, 1936, ed. 30, 7 x 5.”  Signed in pencil.SOLD.Wiltz created some lovely precisionist paintings and prints in his short life. This is a scene in or around Woodstock, NY and I believe this is the Ashokan Resevoir. His work is not commonly seen. Signed and dated October 1936.

KATHERINE WINCKLER (Amer. 1898-1976)

[AFRICAN-AMERICAN CABIN SCENE], lithograph, ed. 25, 10 3/4 x 14 1/2.”  Signed in pencil. $700. The artist was born and raised in Wisconsin and graduated from the Univ. of Wisconsin in 1921 and began teaching at Michigan State University in 1926. She and her partner, Alma Goetsch, hired Frnak Lloyd Wright to build them a house in Okemos, MI, now known as the Winkler/Goetsch house.

WILLIAM ZORACH (Amer. 1887-1966)

"SAILING, PROVINCETOWN," linocut, 1916, 10 3/4 x 8 5/8.”  Signed in pencil. $6500. *AKA “Fishermen, (Provincetown).” In his landmark article "The Prints of William Zorach" (Print Quarterly, Vol. XIX, December, 2002) Efram Burke accounts for only 6 impressions (all in black and white) of “Sailing (Provincetown)” in public institutions: Brooklyn Museum, NY Public Library, Boston MFA, Ackland Art Museum (UNC at Chapel Hill), Philadelphia MFA, and the Smithsonian American Art Museum. A simply great print. Some light staining in broad margin edges.


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